I’m going to try something here: a stream of consciousness post. Here it goes. Unedited.  I used to be an English teacher, and I taught my students about the writing process. I’ve been told I take myself too seriously so this is an attempt to loosen up a little bit.  Who cares about revising today. So, I’ve been an official blogger for about a week now. I’ve read a lot of other people’s blogs trying to get a sense of what’s out there and what’s popular especially in the “daddy blog” genre.  I’ll probably not endear myself to other daddy bloggers by what I’m about to say.  It seems like many of these daddy bloggers are professional writers, stay at home dads, work at home dads; they have one or two kids max and live in a big city and they are funny.  Somehow they find the time to post daily.  They write for  a living. Some how they don’t seem like real people. When will I have the time to blog with six kids, a full-time job, and other important activites? I’m not a funny dad blooger.  Is there a niche for me in the blogosphere? I don’t write very well–I’m slow, and I’m stuck on the process.  I can teach kids to do this.  I’m amazed so far that people from Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Denmark, and Australia have visited my blog. A complete stranger has “liked” my post about minivans. On one hand, I feel like what I write isn’t really important; on the other, I say why not? Just write. Add to the incredible volume of pretentious words typed. The Cult, no not the Mormons, the 80s rock band. Good stuff. She Sell Sanctuary. Fire Woman. Music just isn’t the same.  When I’m done with this I’m going to hit “publish” and not think twice about it. Until then I’ll think about it a 100 times. So I’m supposed to be writing “daddy” stuff. I found it interesting the on many daddy blogs most of the followers–at least those who posted comments–were women.  I wonder what their wives think of that. Most of their wives are also bloggers.  What would my wife think of that.  She has her own blog too. The Baby is low crawling now.  She can drag herself forward with her hands and arms while pushing ineffectively with her legs. Only a matter of time now.  To think she might be our last baby.  We’ll see, but right now that’s what it is. Resist the urge to go back and change something you’ve already typed.  I asked my coworker if she was dating anyone now and if she would liked to be set up on a blind date.  She said OK.  So I asked my friend if he would like to be introduced.  He asked if she was on Facebook. I told him yes and gave him her name.  Today at work he sent her a friend request.  She accepted it and said the ball was in his court. Within minutes he returned the ball.  He said I had mentioned her and rather than go through me, he would just talk to her directly.  He said he wasn’t shy.  The ball is in her court now, and I told her that jokingly. I got a call from the battalion XO today. It’s official. I’m being transferred to a captain’s slot in August.  He told me to keep doing what I’ve been doing:  don’t focus on the rank; focus on the position and improving myself and the position.  Then those around you will look out for you.  I felt honored by his compliment.  If you’re still reading I’m impressed. It was probably painful. I can’t get through a lot of what I read on blogs. If it doesn’t grab me, I click to something else.  I have a theory about that. I’ve got a post in the works to explain. Usually, if I stick with it, what I read makes me glad I did.


About Ben

I'm a father, a husband, an educator, and a soldier. I love the outdoors especially the mountains.

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  1. Brother Jon says:

    I like the new layout. This stream of consciousness thing is more trippy than some of the other things I used to do. Very nice.

    • iagosghost says:

      Thanks, Jon. I like the new layout too. It’s a little less formal. I tried the stream of consciousness because I needed to get some things out on “paper” that were stuck in my head. It actually made things easier since I wasn’t stuck on trying to make it perfect. It was kind of fun. But I’m still going to work on my set pieces.

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