Spore (2008 video game)

Spore (2008 video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wife and I have been, until recently, very reluctant to buy video games for our kids.  We wanted them to learn how to play together or how to play outside rather than be glued to the computer or in front the TV. This strategy worked well while they were younger.  However, as they grew older and had more contact with friends with Xboxes, Wiis, Playstations, etc., it became increasingly difficult to satisfy their interest in video games. Our son, especially, has been persistent in asking, begging, pleading with us to buy a games for him.

Finally, we relented and bought him a video game called Spore. He had been hinting, not so subtly, for over a year that he wanted this game. He was elated when he recieved his birthday present.

For those unfamiliar with it, the game involves creating a creature by picking from a large assortment of styles and shapes of legs, arms, wings, claws, tails, heads, eyes, etc. (think Cootie only better).  Then the player must “evolve” the creature from a single-celled organism in a primordial ocean into an advanced space-traveling species by fighting other creatures and gaining experience.

OK, harmless enough even though he spent hours playing it despite the rule we had made.   For every hour on the computer he had to spend two hours playing outside.

The other night I wanted my kids to experience a classic in the science fiction film genre.  Yes, I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to sci-fi movies.   They had already seen the complete Star Wars saga and watched the entire Star Trek: TNG series with us.  But I wanted to go a step farther to something even more pioneering.  So we watched Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Ok, so I still don’t understand the ending, and it is a little slow in parts, but I thought they could appreciate it.

What was I thinking?

They seemed only slightly interested despite my efforts to hype it up. We came to the scene where the monolith appears to the early ape men.  Suddenly Benji blurts out, “Oh this is just like on my game Spore! The monkey is going to pick up the jaw bone and then throw it up in the air . . .” He described the scene exactly.

A moment for real discovery.



By a video game.

What was I thinking?

The monolith appears to the early humans in Africa

The monolith appears to the early humans in Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. Brother Jon says:

    I finally decided to watch this film about a year ago. I not only didn’t understand the ending, I don’t think I understood the middle or the beginning either. Maybe I need to give it another shot.

    I just bought the Star Trek: Next Generation movie pack. I’ve been enjoying that for the last few days.

  2. Dad says:

    I remember how this movie just blew me away when I saw it the first time. It was at a drive-in (remember those?) between Ogden and Roy that probably isn’t there anymore. Shortly after it came out I heard a radio interview with one of the writers. It seems there was more going on than most people thought. e.g. HAL. They came up with HAL by using a simple formula which then precipitated the need to find a realistic name with the acronym HAL. It was a commentary on the then current scene. Formula: Letter – 1. So can you figure out who they are talking about?

    All the druggies used to go see it just for the trip through space at the end.

  3. Brother Jon says:

    Hey dude. I’ve nominated you for some awards. Please see the post here http://ldsconvertblog.com/2012/07/14/awards/. Take what you like.

    How’s that AC coming? I guess it’s a good thing we’ve been a little cooler for the last couple of days.

    • iagosghost says:

      Wow, thanks! Let me know what I need to do next. I’m new at this, and I don’t know that the etiquette is.

      • Brother Jon says:

        Well, they all have “rules” that you’re supposed to go by when receiving them. They were given to me in bulk, so I decided to hand them out this way too. I looked up all the “rules” for each one and kind of combined everything to create the “Awards Post”. I can send you all the official rules for each one if you like, or you can do something similar to what I did. It’s up to you.

      • iagosghost says:

        Yes, send me the official rules. I’d like to have them as a reference.

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