We recently refinanced our mortgage.  Our new payment is $666. Oh my.

My rank is 1LT and my pay grade is O-2.

My iPod Nano contains 105 albums, 878 songs, and 2.6 GB still empty. Here are the top 10 artists based on number of songs on the iPod:

  1. Depeche Mode–78
  2. Sting–57
  3. Smashing Pumpkins–51
  4. U2–41
  5. New Order–36
  6. The Police–35, Linkin Park–35
  7. R.E.M.–31
  8. Nine Inch Nails–29
  9. Live–26
  10. The Cranberries–25

The fastest time I have ever run two miles is 14:05.

The tallest mountain I have climbed so far was 12, 668 feet above sea level.

In the 80s my brother once played Qbert on our Commodore 64 for over 8 hours and scored over 1 million points.

I only have 157 friends on Facebook.

I have broken 2 bones in my body.

During OCS I consumed over 5,000 calories daily.  I only gained approximately 7 lbs. during the 63 days of hell.

I have never weighed more than 150 lbs. in my life. Please don’t hate me for it.

I have witnessed 1,000,000 firecrackers being set off at once. That was enough to be in the Guinness Book of World Records.  It turns out that my future wife was also in that crowd of 50,000 people.

1 is a lonely number. 69 is not.

The fastest I have traveled in a car was 125 mph.

I have seen the move Star Wars: A New Hope well over 300 times, but I’ve lost count. One summer my friends and I watched it on VHS (that was the height of video technology at the time) over and over, sometimes three times in one day.  We watched in reverse a few times, and once we used the frame advance to watch all the laser shots and explosions in slow motion. Oh to be 11 years old again.

I have 6 children.  I get asked all the time, “you do know where babies come from, don’t you?” I wonder if people in China ask each other the same kind of assenine questions.  “Oh, you have one child.  Wow, you know what causes that, don’t you?” or “You must be very busy.” Yeah, it gets a little annoying.

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About Ben

I'm a father, a husband, an educator, and a soldier. I love the outdoors especially the mountains.

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  1. Brother Jon says:

    Looks like someone’s iPod needs an update. I didn’t know you were a Live fan though…that’s very cool.

    Lots of numbers…numbers are good.

  2. Dad says:

    Last night I had a dream about Bands. In my dream The Police set up a Sting in Linkin Park on Halloween so they could catch The Cranberries Smashing Pumpkins Live on camera? They were in Depeche Mode which is the same thing as a food fight. No, wait, The Cranberries were driving Nine Inch Nails into The Police. Up with the New Order! Down with the pigs! Hmmm… Were they doing that to U2? Anyway, that was my dream which always takes place during REM.


    • Dad says:

      P.S. Live in concert, big deal. I saw Chicago and Pantera at USU. I took your mother and your Aunt Cheli. When I walked out I felt like someone had worked me over with a baseball bat. That’s how loud the music was and we were at the top of the basketball arena. I’m not sure how those on the floor in front of the bands survived. At BYU I saw John Denver and Helen Reddy. (Yes, she roared). I even met John Denver and talked to him. Nice guy. I also saw Andy Williams twice (once at BYU and once in Branson) as well as The 3 D’s at BYU.

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