As an educator, outdoorsman, and most importantly, a father, this sums up what I have thought all along.

Peter Brown Hoffmeister

After the Huffington Post signed me on as a blogger and allowed me to write op-ed pieces on any topic, for two years, ranging from books to sports to reviews to pop culture, something changed in our relationship. It was sudden.
I wrote this piece for Huff Po in late December, 2012.  For some reason, the editors wouldn’t print it. Like every other article I’d written, I submitted the piece on their backstage for signed bloggers, but nothing happened. It didn’t go up on their site. I waited, and it didn’t happen.
A few days went by. Then a week. I contacted the editors, and they didn’t respond.  Then I contacted again, and they let me know that they wouldn’t publish the piece.
I asked why.
No response.
I emailed again.
No response again.
And now they won’t let me write anything at all. I’m off the blogroll.
So I…

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About Ben

I'm a father, a husband, an educator, and a soldier. I love the outdoors especially the mountains.

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  1. Dad says:

    I read the article while my students were doing some quiet desk work. I hadn’t planned on the desk work, but MAP testing is upon us and we were too loud for the junior high kids next door. Poor darlings. Anyway, we had some time so I asked the class (and the next class) who played video games. All the boys and one girl. Most of them played one or more of the games mentioned in the blog. The girl’s favorite was Assassin’s Creed. Anyway, we talked about the blog. They all could pinpoint the kids they thought most likely to bring a gun to school, and not just based on who plays video games. One of the kids expressed the opinion that he thought video games were actually good because they allowed kids to let off steam that might otherwise turn into actual violence. Interesting. Anyway, it seems to me that we should be paying more attention to what the kids are actually reporting. They know. Now what we do with that information is a different matter.

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