Closing arguments in the George Zimmerman murder trial are underway.  It’s possible that the jury could begin deliberating later today.  As you probably know, Zimmerman is on trial for the alleged murder of Trayvon Martin.  Here are my predictions and commentary for the outcome of this case.

  • George Zimmerman will NOT be convicted of 2nd degree murder. As I’ve followed the trial in the media, it is clear to me that the prosecution has failed to show this beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • He WILL be convicted of manslaughter.
  • Riots will occur because of the perceived injustice of the verdict. Ironically, as violence ensues to protest the violence against a black teenager, most of the victims will be other black citizens.
  • Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and other black leaders will appear with Martin’s parents to denounce the verdict and organize marches in protest.
  • Many of the jury members will receive death threats if they don’t convict him.
  • President Obama will address the nation in an effort to calm the violence and outrage. I doubt he will invite Zimmerman and Martin’s dad over for a beer.
  • Saturday Night Live will air a skit using a foam dummy.
  • If Zimmerman is acquitted, he will go into hiding in fear for his life.  Perhaps Casey Anthony will reach out to him and offer him advice on living in hiding.
  • After the storm of discontent calms, nothing still will get done to improve race relations in this country.
  • And finally, complete strangers will label ME racist in the comments section.

I encourage thoughtful and respectful comments and discussion about anything I write.


About Ben

I'm a father, a husband, an educator, and a soldier. I love the outdoors especially the mountains.

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  1. Jim says:

    racists, oh wait you are not white!!!

    • Dad says:

      In the interest of full disclosure, Ben’s paternal grandmother was white. That makes him 1/4 white. BUT, that one quarter includes part English and part Scottish, from the Campbell clan. BUT, the Campbell clan is looked down upon by the rest of the Scots ’cause they sided with some English king hundreds of years ago and if anyone can hold a grudge it’s the Scots (and Irish). BUT, it has been rumored that the the Campbell clan MIGHT have originated with a man whose name was at one time or another Campus Bellus and he left England to go to France and came back with the Normans and fought at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 when King Harold was suckered into leaving the high ground and hence, was defeated, thus permitting the Normans (Normans, not Mormons) to take over England. SO, the English don’t like the Campbells very much either as they are scoundrels and cheap opportunists switching sides on a whim, or a bribe, or whatever, you get the picture. So, anyway, maybe he can be called a 1/4 racist and a 1/4 scoundrel to boot. That will more than make up for the other 3/4’s…. Or something like that…………………………….. Maybe………………….. Ah! The wonders of genealogy.

I encourage thoughtful and respectful discussions about anything I write.

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